We Will Remember

Inspired by Psalm 137
Words & Music by Brian Fife

By the streams of Babylon we sat and wept
When we remembered Zion; how could we forget?
By the aspens of that land we hung our harps
Though our captors asked of us,
"Sing for us the songs of Zion"

How can we sing the song of the Lord in a foreign land?
How could we forget you Jerusalem?
We are the fruit of your hand.
May my right hand be forgotten
May my tongue never speak again
If I remember you not, Jerusalem.

Remember the day they watched them tear out city down
They cried in hatred, "burn it to the ground!"
Where is our home? We are in exile here.
And our captors ask of us
"Sing for joy the songs of Zion."


We will remember you
You will be here with us until the end
One day we will return
To where our hearts still yearn
And live again
In Jerusalem

We will remember you, Jerusalem;
You will remain with us until the end.
We will remember you.
We will remember you.

Piano and Synth: Brian Fife
Guitar, Mandolin, & Bouzouki: John Rice
Bass: Alan Burliant
Drums: Steve Godfrey
Percussion: John Moser
Background Vocals: Brian Fife & John Towner
Synth Programming: Joe Dilillo

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