A Rock and Roll Quiz 4 U

For some reason, I think it's cool when a song refers to another band or artist in its lyrics. Sort of like when there was a “Walker Texas Ranger” reference on an episode of “Friends”. There's just something cool about that. So, here's a little quiz for ya. Match each of the following ten songs with the band or artist mentioned at any point in the song. There are no prizes, only the knowledge that you will forever have earned my utmost respect and admiration if you get a perfect score. Perhaps that is the greatest prize of all. Perhaps not. Okay, enough of that. Here's the quiz-

1. Sweet Home Alabama
(Lynnard Skynnard)

2. Surrender
(Cheap Trick)

3. Man on the Moon

4. You Get What You Give
(The New Radicals)

5. Smoke On The Water
(Deep Purple)

6. Hey 19
(Steely Dan)

7. All The Young Dudes
(Mott The Hoople)

8. My Sister
(Juliana Hatfield 3)

9. Genius of Love
(Tom Tom Club)

10. I Dig
(Peter, Paul and Mary)

A. James Brown

B. Courtney Love

C. Frank Zappa

D. Aretha Franklin

E. Violent Femmes

F. Neil Young

G. The Mamas and The Papas

H. Elvis

I. T Rex

J. Kiss

Answers will be provided in my next post.

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