New Years Resolutions for 2007

I have never believed in New Years Resolutions, but this year is going to be different. I'm going to make some killer resolutions, starting with these...
1.I resolve to eat a few more Little Debbie Nutty Bars than I did last year.
2.I resolve to glare at Andy Quinn at choir rehearsals more often, even when I am not mad at him about anything.
3.I resolve to unpack the stuff from our recent move that never got unpacked from the last one.
4.I resolve to play less major 9 (#7) chords and more major minor 9th (#11) chords.
5.I resolve not to get into sword fights using music stands.
6.I resolve to write at least one piece of music that would sound really good if clowns were marching to it. And one of them should be on stilts.
7.I resolve to do one bike ride of at least 80 miles and to recite the state capitols at least once while on that ride.
8.I resolve to play and sing the theme from “The Love Boat” in front of a live audience at least twice.
9.I resolve to pet a deer, a real one, not the ones at a petting zoo.
10. I resolve to try putting celery salt on popcorn and seeing if that does anything for me. I heard it's pretty good.

Okay, so those were kind of dumb, but hey I'm new at this. Let me give it another shot-

I resolve to
-Talk less and listen more.
-Take time to write more songs and collaborate with another songwriter at least once.
-Be more aware when I have hurt someone and make amends as quickly as possible.
-Go on a silent retreat for at least 4 days. Must include at least one walk in a forest.
-Attend a major league baseball game somewhere outside of Chicago and order curly fries.
-Go somewhere out of state to see the fall colors.
-Watch less TV and spend that time reaching out to a friend.
-Drink more water.
-Learn more about home improvement, starting with fixing stuff when it breaks.
-Watch a sunset with my wife somewhere in Michigan, preferably the Upper Peninsula, though not required.

So that's that. I'll check back with you in '08 and let you know how it went.


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