I believe I saw more films in 2003 than I have in any year of recent memory, and let me tell you, there were a lot of good ones this year! The following is not a "best of" list nor a complete summary of each film. Rather, it is merely a list of thoughts pondered and lessons learned from some of my favorite films of 2003, in order of the deepest impact.

1. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- The outcome of the battle of good versus evil can be decided by even the most seemingly insignificant individual's choice between the two.

2. Whale Rider- It is vital to carry on tradition, yet at the same time allow it to evolve when necessary.

3. In America- Sometimes we must see with the eyes of a child in order to gain perspective and find our way.

4. Seabiscuit- No matter how down and out someone is, there is always a chance for redemption.

5. The Station Agent- People will often isolate themselves from others to protect themselves from pain, but reaching out in friendship can be the very thing that helps to heal that pain.

6. The Last Samurai- Change is inevitable, but while in transition we must never forget nor reject our true selves.

7. Winged Migration- The will to live is never more evident and inspiring than when the smallest creatures must face the most grueling obstacles.

8. Finding Nemo- There is a fine line between protecting someone from harm and keeping them from discovering who they are.

9. Bruce Almighty- Submit to God; He knows better.

10. X2: X-Men United- What makes us appear different from others can be our greatest strength.

Brian Fife

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