Strength Of Soul

Some insight into the album, Strength of Soul

Released in 1998, Brian Fife's Strength of Soul is an insightful look at a journey through the mountains and valleys of life, each joy and struggle pointing the way to a greater understanding of truth. Drawing from poignant examinations of his own life as well as the experiences of others, Brian weaves life's trials and triumphs into nine stories which gently invite the listener to take a look inside... beyond the material, beyond the temporal.
An accomplished pianist, Brian's emotive keyboard work on Strength of Soul lays the foundation for most of the tracks, with producer Joe Dilillo using splashes of unique instrumentation and earthy percussive grooves to draw the listener into the lyrical mood.

Track Lyrics
Sound Clips
1. Perfect World (4:31) MP3
2. Eternity (4:33)  
3. Living Water (4:53)  
4. We Will Remember (4:30)  
5. Empty Handed (4:29)  
6. It Won't Be Long (3:18)  
7. One Thing That I Know (4:45) RealAudio
8. Land Of Plenty (4:48)  
9. The Flame Is Still Alive (4:52) RealAudio

All songs © 1998 Brian Fife Music

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