So Nice To Be With You
Released in 2004, Brian Fife's "So Nice To Be With You"
Get the "behind the scenes" scoop about this CD, and how it was inspired.

See the concert photos from Feb 6, 2004, Cutting Hall, Palatine, IL

Track Lyrics
Sound Clips
1. Dancing King MP3 (623K)
2. The Longing
3. Chasing the Dream MP3 (650K)
4. Ferry Ride to Hel MP3 (427K)
5. The Life  
6. Something Very Strange  
7. Mr. Irrevelant MP3 (634K)
8. Wonder Why  
9. Contradiction  
10. May 6th, 2003 MP3 (526K)
11. Wait 'till Next Year MP3 (430K)

All songs © 2004 Brian Fife Music

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