Living Water

Words and Music by Brian Fife

You can run away, but you cannot run from who you are.
The tide won't wash away all the traces of the pain.
Fear and faith are not as far apart as they appear.
Above the noisy throng, can you hear the sweet refrain?

Farther on the road is calling you;
Will you follow what you do not understand?
The tears you sow will be the seeds of hope,
Living water in a dry and weary land.

You've been hanging on,
But the ground is shaking underneath your feet.
Your fortress kept you safe,
But the walls are crashing down.
Your greatest friend is the weakness that you so despise;
It leads you to a place where you can hear the gentle sound.
(To Chorus)

Piano: Brian Fife
Guitars and Bass: John Rice
Tablas and Percussion: John Moser
Cello: Karen Basrak
Drum and Synth Programming: Joe Dilillo

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