Land of Plenty

Words and Music by Brian Fife

We did not see as we were marching forward
The trampled lives beneath our feet.
We left behind the voiceless and defenseless,
And all that we were meant to be.

Some found the words to try and justify it,
And we found it easy to believe.
But when the truth is heard it gets harder to deny it;
Now can we allow ourselves to grieve?

O Lord, I see so many dying in the land of plenty.
O Lord, If we could hear them crying in the land of plenty.

We fought to be free. The cord we tried to sever;
So much was lost. What have we gained?
We can't walk away. There is a bond forever,
So we try to numb the pain. (To Chorus)

I look to the sky; is there a new day coming
When the great and strong stand for the small?
And every tear is dry, every life seen as worth living;
And a child will lead us all. (To Chorus)

O Lord, I see that we are starving.
O Lord, why isn't it alarming in the land of plenty?

Piano: Brian Fife
Violins and Viola: Cathy Basrak
Cello: Karen Basrak

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