The Flame is Still Alive

Words and Music by Brian Fife
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Behind the picture perfect life
There is a restless heart
Longing to be satisfied.
What will it take to end the fight
And find the missing part?
Or could it be it's still inside?

Buried in the long-forgotten past
Is a secret that you knew
When you were just a child
To live for what was bound to last
To receive a love so true
To have a trust yet undefiled.

Falling freely into outstretched hands,
Finding rivers in the sand,
Faith was something you could understand.

The candle burned out much to quickly,
But the flame is still alive
Burning deep inside.
Outside the fear, beyond the pride
When you did more than survive,
There's a freedom that has never died.
The flame is still alive.
The flame is still alive.

One by one they pass you by, soaring off into the sky
Until they fade into the light
And you look up standing on the ground
Asking yourself why
So many things keep you from taking flight.

But these arms have been hanging limp for far too long
It's time to raise them high
And you will find the passion fierce and strong. (To Chorus)

Piano: Brian Fife
Guitars: John Rice
Accordion: Willie Schwartz
Bass: Alan Burliant
Drums: Steve Godfrey
Djembe and Percussion: John Moser
String Arrangement: John Towner

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