Dancing King

Words and Music by Brian Fife

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The church was having a dance for the singles crowd.
The flyer clearly stated only 20's and 30's allowed.
He had passed that age several years ago,
But no one at the door had the heart to say no.

He went up to every woman in the room
and asked them to dance.
They turned him down flat;
he never even had a chance.
He's going down again, but not without a fight,
Kicking and flailing his way into the night.

He's the dancing king and he's in the groove.
He's the dancing king; they don't teach those moves.
He's the dancing king, nearly forty-three.
But when he hears that beat, he's young and free tonight.

He could have given up before he had even begun,
Sitting at home with a microwave dinner for one.
But as long as there's a deejay and an open bar,
It's his night to shine and he's gonna be a star. (Chorus)

They say he's way past his prime if he ever had one.
They're all shaking their heads thinking "what a sad one".
But he looks right past the scorn in their eyes.
Last one standing's gonna get the prize.

It was looking pretty grim at the Knights of Columbus Hall.
He was using every line he had with no luck at all.
He was going to cash it in and walk through that door,
Then he saw her there in the middle of the floor. (Chorus)

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