Words and Music by Brian Fife

Sometimes I wish time would stand still,
But it keeps marching forward with or without me.
Sometimes I wish I could think about nothing,
But so many thoughts keep racing throughout me.
I worry about what lies beyond my control,
While what's in my grasp I let slip through my fingers.
I heard it's best to let go of the past,
But what do you do when the memory lingers.

For so long I've been away from it all that it's so hard to know just what I feel.
I finally got my wake-up call, but am I still sleeping? Need to find out what's real,
Time to find out what's real.

The new regime is taking its place, but the old guard is fighting to win back its power.
What will it look like when peace is restored?
Will it all be leveled, every brick every flower?


In the dead of winter when nothing blooms and the trees are bare,
You can look right through them at the open skies,
You've never been more aware, of what's around you.


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