I Think You're Gonna Need Me

Words and Music by Brian Fife

I don't know how to fly, never touched the sky, but I can tell you why
I think you're gonna need me.
You can hit 'em in the jaw, but I know their every flaw; if you could see what I saw,
You'd know you're gonna need me.
You don't know how a desperate man can think, when he's pushed right to the brink,
Watching his ship just slowly sink,
Without the power.

You've got your super-human strength, to save the world you'll go to any length.
But you stand so far above, you don't know what we're capable of.

You'll want me on your side; I know where they will hide, when our worlds collide.
I think you're gonna need me.
You've assembled quite the team, invincible it would seem,
But to decipher their scheme, I think you're gonna need me.
I can help you find your way, down the hazy streets of grey,
That can make a good man fade away.


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