Must I Do This Alone?

Words and Music by Brian Fife

And I heard as I took her hand, “I just want you to understand,
It all changes from now on”.
Why can't we go back to how it was? I see her and I catch that buzz.
Are those days over, here and gone?

I toss and turn at night. I want to hold on tight,
To all I've ever known. Must I do this alone?

Waiting for a rush of love, an overwhelming push or shove,
All is quiet. I hear no voice.
Feelings come and feelings go; through it all, I think I know
The answer now, love is a choice.


Train is rumbling through the night. I watch the tracks, hypnotized;
I wonder where it will end.
Pictured a new and distant place, but I can see it's not the case,
As it winds around a familiar bend.
It winds around a familiar bend.

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