My Great Escape

Words and Music by Brian Fife

Everything looks strange,
But strangely familiar.
It all seems different,
Yet the same.
Shadows are lurking;
Don't know their intentions.
Somewhere in the distance,
I thought I heard my name.

It was my great escape,
My great escape,
And you'll never find me. (Will somebody find me?)

She was a seductress;
You know it was her idea.
I busted out through the screen door,
Into the night.
I followed behind her,
But then she just disappeared.
I'm out here alone now,
And it doesn't feel right.


Am I lost or have I found a new home?
Never asked myself how far did I roam.
All I can do,
All I can do is hide.

A light shining on me,
A voice that I think I should know,
I finally surrender;
It's time to go home.

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